My Latest Wild Ride of a Situational Rant

Just putting it in one place as one thread type thing

I’ve been in poverty for a good percentage of my life, but I have never been to this level of dispair. Always been able to at least get by, but now in 2023 it is beyond anything. I’m not even surviving, I’m just existing. How did we let this happen ?

And I use the term existing pretty loosely, the food is always gone, the threats of the electric being cut are frequent, and my connection to get a job is regularly being disconnected. It is more akin to waiting for death on the sofa in the dark

This is also with social assistance that is constantly being cut and threatened by psychopaths. My situation is entirely down a sociopath that took my ability to live just for a bonus in their pocket.

I’d like to pretend this is new, but it has been like this for my entire working life. Except now, I can’t even eat.

How did we give up our lives to these clowns and this shitty system that steals our money, existence, and planet?

As always, if you have a few coins to spare IBAN NL18 BUNQ 2206 2327 31 or if you don’t have EUR DM me and I can create a USD or GBP link

I seem to be really bouncing between ultra depression and moderate positivity that this situation will end and I’ll be back on my feet. Depending on the hour, minute, or literal second of extremes

Oh and then there are the moments of pure rage, those are fun too