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Recently I’ve been finding photos of male models going back to the 50s in various places (tumblr) and I decided to share some of them here.

This is a SFW blog. If you see an image you know of the original model / photographer, want to send a thing, or need something removed - email heyguys the_at_sign sus.fr.

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Bob Mann

Classic Beefcake Pose

At the lake

GIF'd for your pleasure

Young Physique

June 1962

Ulf Gson

This is the only photo I could find, if you know of others let me know !

Good looking model from I assume the 50s

Not often you find gentlemen with a bit of chest hair

The Archer

and a leaf

Day at the Beach

While the weather is nice go down to the beach

Shower Scene

Just some jocks doing jock things

Just a dude on a couch

Book, Cig 'n Chill

Vic Seipke

Photographer unknown