Recruiters Please Stop This Nonsense

No, seriously, stop it is super annoying

I did a status update about this topic, and honestly, I feel it is worth expanding this to a blog post.

I currently find myself in a situation where I need to seek employment, which means I’m constantly on the look out to find a job that meets certain criteria - one pretty basic one being that it matches where I am in my career which is at management level.

However, I find myself on a daily basis having to go through hundreds of job postings per day that put manager or even once director in the job title of an entry level paid-at-the-legal-minimum jobs in an effort to upsell some pretty ugly jobs that won’t even pay the rent anywhere near the city they’re hiring in.

This kind of nonsense really needs to stop, it is really insulting to the applicant to have to waste their time looking though the novella of a job description - which 100% of the time will ramble on how your “family” company is super transparent - that you’ve posted to find out that actually you want a data entry person and not a director of global sales.

For the recruiter - it is a total waste of your time as you’re going to receive the wrong kind of applicant or if they hadn’t clocked on in time, you’ll go through the entire process to be laughed at when you make a job offer.

So why do you insist on doing this ?