Moving The Mailing Lists is Hard

I do not endorse this activity, ever, for anybody

Normally I would leave this as a quick status update but after thinking about it for a few minutes, I figured this would be a little more than 280 characters. Plus I’m getting back in to the flow of blogging, so don’t judge me like that.

AI rendition of judges

I’ve been running some mailing lists over at for a few years now, when I initially decided to move over there it was because I liked the ethos of the site, it was cared for, and generally a pretty good place.

So what has changed ? Honestly, nothing at all, I still highly recommend and I still believe in it, but financially I don’t really have the means to continue to run things from there. I have nothing bad to say about it’s wonderful, but my bank balance is desperate for every penny I can shave off. Plus I have to consider that the lists I have aren’t exactly active, so in the grand scheme of things as much as I want to, I can’t justify the cost for love to myself.

Previously I used to use Mailman on the hosts I was using in the past, I changed those often and that’s why I went to to keep things separate from my eternal quest to be unhappy with something and move on.

Does this mean I’m going to do the same now ? Honestly, I can say with conviction, I shant be. I’ve written about my reasoning before as to why. I have the choice between L’Autre Net and Ouvaton to move my lists to. Ouvaton is the clear winner on this one, I get one Sympa instance for free on my account and if the disk space requirements of that need adjusting it’s possible to do with them quite easily.

I’m not exactly sure how long this will take, what’ll look like, but I’ve started the ground work today