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Dystopian AI Cartoon

I've never loved anything as much as I love this - for the wrong reasons

This Late Stage Neo Liberal Brand Capitalism is Fucking Wild

The joys of being in the job market and trying not to die

Well That Was a Waste of Time

Database Hell, RIP my sanity

Writing here is not Ideal, but it is happening

Mirrored article from my backup blog - k.cymru

Internet Paid, Back Online

You should know the score by now

Suicide is an Option Fried Rice

Editors note - I am fully aware of the polarising name of this dish, right now I am not in a good place and my way of keeping my head above water is dark humour. If you are in a dark place and feel there is no way out, call your local suicide prevention hotline - suicide is never an option and the tough times will pass (the line in France - where I live - is included at the end of this entry).

Nommons les dômes de chaleur d'après les 100 premières sources de CO2

Il s'agit d'une publicité. Après tout, ces entreprises ont payé pour cela !

How Successful People Make the Most of Their Gay GIFs

What the Best Gay GIF Pros Do (and You Should Too)

If it is alright with you

it is alright with me

Great Thing About Drowning is it Won't Stop but there is Hope in the Strangest Places

CW : a bit ragey and tiny bit emotional - Trying to deal with these vibes by screaming in to the void

A Real-Life Video Game Adventure: Choices, Cake Baking, and Chasing Freedom

A Thrilling Real-Life Video Game Adventure Filled with Choices, Cake, and Revolution

The Wild Ride That is Ballum

It has been a decade since I visited Albert Square and I'm not disapointed