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Bob Mann

Classic Beefcake Pose

Get Free Credit, Try Free Things

An experience with weird internet connectivity and proxies

The LJ Import Saga

Final Part - The Machines Take Over

At the lake

GIF'd for your pleasure

Young Physique

June 1962

Trying to automate the LiveJournal entries

I've learned a few things, and those things are that things weirdly don't work as expected

Waste of a Day

This meeting could have been an email

Ulf Gson

This is the only photo I could find, if you know of others let me know !

Many Pans on the Fire

I like too many things and I've been spending a lot of time blogging about it

Good looking model from I assume the 50s

Not often you find gentlemen with a bit of chest hair

The Archer

and a leaf

server farm sus

The creation of a method to not kill my internet connection like a champion

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blog sus est une instance privée de Plume, un logiciel de blogging fédéré (ActivityPub). Vous pouvez trouver mes anciens billets de blog à archive.sus.fr.

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